This is a brazenly honest and real perspective that I find refreshing.
Alice Cheshire

Christianity or Buddhism, Islam or Hinduism, none of it really matters. In my feeble, fleeting opinion they’re all just pretty much the same amount of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, since they’re all just constructs of the human mind. I’m a very strict agnostic at the moment, there is absolutely no way for us to prove pretty much anything about anything, we can only assume things based on the evidence we do and don’t have. None of this world could very well be real, etc.

Now, to the part of your response that really clicked with me, “God is Life itself.” God, gods, any sort of D/divine are all ways for humans to cope with the hugely incomprehensible mess that is life and existence. We call them something more because the human brain is designed to try to make sense of things that don’t make sense. Human life doesn’t make sense. Having a higher level of consciousness doesn’t make sense, base instincts would suffice. So we’re left there, very very confused and scared because we can’t understand why we exist. Our brain’s telling us it must all make sense somehow, there must be something more, a higher purpose of some sort. A higher power maybe? That higher power has a purpose for us? Yeah okay, kinda makes sense, let’s say that’s how it is.

Mysticism, evolving into religion was the first such general coping mechanism for people. There have been many others since and some have stuck on a global scale. Religion, science, pursuit of love and/or material wealth, etc. They might all be just as right or wrong. Most likely none of it just matters at all in the end, so it would be pretty good if we all just stopped fighting over which way of not just dropping dead of anxiety and existential dread is the ‘best’ or ‘most correct’.

Nothing really matters whatsoever, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to carve something good out of it without being totally shit to the other participants in this ultimately meaningless journey. And that’s my life philosophy at this very moment, some sort of a positive nihilism, I suppose?

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