How much can you win and is it possible to win lottery at all ?

Have you ever thought about lottery? About what are your chances of winning ?

How much can you win and is it possible to win lottery at all ?

Let’s try to understand together :

All lotteries are gambling games that are used to collect money. Today there are many different types of lotteries . Some lotteries promise to win up to 50% of amount of revenue for tickets sold.

So what are your chances of winning jackpot ? Turns out they’re not that good.

In a lottery in which you choose 6 numbers from a possible pool of 49 numbers, your chances of winning jackpot (by correctly selecting all 6 numbers drawn) are 1 in 13,983,816.

And many other lotteries have even smaller chances of winning.

For most people, gambling and lottery is an entertaining factor that allows you to take a chance and dream about a quick enrichment.

*As you can see in the picture, the chances of making an x10 or x20 are quite real

Unlike all gambling and lotteries , BattleHashes is absolutely transparent and absolutely fair game. It is based on Blockchain technology that minimizes the possibility of fraud. The choice of the winner is very simple and clear to everyone. Anyone can check and recalculate the points of any participant according to the formula provided. This allows us to demonstrate to everyone that our game is not a lottery , but an honest process in which anyone can take part. At all stages of the game there are no complex or closed in algorithm processes to determine the winner. No one can influence the result of the game.

From the above we can conclude that BattleHashes, a unique decentralized game on the technology of Blockchain, for all those who want to play absolutely fair !

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