One of the coins that you can play in BattleHashes is Dogecoin.

A Brief History of Dogecoin (Doge)

Many cryptocurrencies have a colorful history. Ethereum has the lofty goal of being the next internet, Bitcoin has had its ups and downs, Dash started out as the notorious DarkCoin and so forth. Even in this company Dogecoin is unique. This is one of the coins to be reckoned with.

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What makes Dogecoin’s story so strange is that it began as a joke. Inspired by the Doge’s meme and the desire to create a cryptocurrency, Dogecoin quickly became an actively used currency. According to, Dogecoin even fluctuated in the top 20 in terms of total market capitalization, but has since hit the top 100 coins.

Dogecoin developers were never going to create any innovative technologies on Blockchain or to do something unusual and new — this is a simple cryptocurrency transaction platform, and a funny dog has become its symbol and face.

Dogecoin has a low cost, fast transfer speed with very low transaction fees, remaining the cryptocurrency that people actually use, and not just keep it as an investment.

All Dogecoin owners can play BattleHashes.

Using Dogecoin for gambling is pretty much identical to using Bitcoin. You can deposit and withdraw funds anonymously at the gambling site of your choice, as long as you have a Dogecoin-compatible wallet. You probably do have one if you’re reading this, if not, download one at Armed with your dogecoins and your wallet you’re ready to start gambling in BattleHashes!

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