One of the most popular coins played in BattleHashes is Ravencoin (RVN)

Ravencoin is a relatively young project, it was launched on January 3, 2018. At its core, RVN is a fork of open bitcoin code, which has a reduced block formation time aimed at combating the presence of external control, while increasing the privacy and transparency of actions within the network.

The coin is named after the raven: here, the “Game of Thrones” became the inspiration for programmers. In the series, birds act as messengers of truth. Ravencoin will also be on guard of the truth: in its case, the blockchain will confirm the fact of ownership of a certain asset. You can use this asset in BattleHashes, many of our players already regularly play using this coin.

The mining algorithm is distinguished from Bitcoin, RVN — here it is X16R, and not SHA256. The coin network is protected from ASIC miners, which really threaten the decentralization of projects. The openness of developers is also important: they do not keep their own funds for financing, do not send there a certain percentage of new coins and did not mine $RVN until the project was launched. Everything was honest and fair.

On Oct 1, 2019, Ravencoin switched to the x16rV2 mining algorithm and also there were many very well changes.

As always, the new coin has supporters and opponents. Experts talk about the many positive qualities of the Ravencoin cryptocurrency. In particular, there were no ICOs or large-scale advertising companies — obviously, the developers were confident in their brainchild without it. Of course, the lack of a marketing plan negatively affected the number of participants — their growth could be much faster.

New investors come into the system, even despite the absence of aggressive marketing. Therefore, at the moment, the prospects and forecast of Ravencoin look very optimistic.

In BattleHashes, RVN is really popular, every day there are many games using it. If you do not have Ravencoin available, then in BattleHashes there are many more other coins with which you can take part in the game.

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Multiplayer blockchain gambling | PvP