Recently, we have a new coin Tron (TRX). With his appearance, new players came to us who know this coin well. And for everyone else, a little information:

Tron (TRX) is taking the crypto world by storm and has already started to revolutionize the online gambling industry! The tron cryptocurrency has recently overtaken Ethereum, and its dApp platform has become the most popular in the world.

The company, based in Singapore, is on quite a roll, with a recent announcement that over the next three years, it will invest as much as $100 million into a game fund for blockchain gaming named Tron Arcade. Furthermore, Tron is focused on online gaming that’s what BattleHashes need.

If you are looking for a digital currency that will help you stay transparent and offer you quick, reliable, and unhackable payment methods in online casino games, Tron will be the perfect choice due to several reasons that you will much appreciate as a player.

The primary goal of the Tron platform is to develop a blockchain which will be decentralized and will reward TRX tokens to those who create content on it. Tron strives towards creating a blockchain gaming platform which is fair, transparent, and which, most importantly, benefits the player.

Regarding transaction fees, the blockchain is incredibly efficient because the cost per transaction is $0.002, which is quite low. Overall, more than 10 million users are currently using crypto wallets on the Tron platform.

Tron (TRX) is definitely in the top 5 virtual currencies today, and on the Tron platform, the most popular DApps are online gambling games. The company has recognized the fact that the online gambling industry is vast and that it has enormous potential when combined with digital currencies regarding both the players and online casinos.

Welcome to BattleHashes new players with TRON!

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Multiplayer blockchain gambling | PvP

Multiplayer blockchain gambling | PvP