Think about referral program as passive income

Each of us must have thought about additional income more than once?

And in truth, it can be interesting to absolutely everyone.

Who among us would not like an income that would not take a lot of time, would be regular and would bring a sufficiently large amount of money monthly ?

BattleHashes referral program

And such income is, the project BattleHashes his offers to participate in our referral program . It is suitable for absolutely everyone who does not have a lot of time, but there is a huge desire to get an additional source of income. If, in addition to this, you still have your own blog or website where you could place our referral link then you can become our partner and earn a lot of money thanks to the BattleHashes project.

BattleHashes gambling
BattleHashes gambling

Many sites promise a large and fast income, but not many of us have thought in what form the payments will be?

Unknown to anyone in the tokens or coins ? Coins that are then very difficult to spend ? Maybe it will be bonuses that can be spent only on a certain site ?

Unlike everyone else, BattleHashes offers additional revenue in active and popular coins Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ravencoin. All payments strictly within the promised time. The number of payments is not limited, only You decide how much you can earn !

The payout percentage is dynamic, from 0.5% from each player regardless of whether he won or lost.

Payments are monthly, in the cryptocurrency which the player played.

With BattleHashes you can earn fast and fair. Try it yourself and you’ll see how it works.


Join and You !

Refferal program:

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