Some aspects only an avid Quizzer can understand !!!

Your brain is like a Valyrian steel sword: the more you sharpen it with a whetstone, the better it becomes. Here, the whetstone is: Quizzing. Little did Dublin theatre owner, James Daly, know that the word he coined as a bet would actually rise by gigantic proportions to become one of the most common methods for testing, teasing and improving your brain? By the way, what do you think is the inspiration behind the legendary Valyrian steel in our favourite TV series Game of Thrones? Well, we would like you to stop being idle and would give you legitimate excuses to start quizzing right away!

  1. It makes you feel knowledgeable. You feel like you have added extra IQ points. You can start bragging about the trivia that no one seems to know about.

2. You can watch movies and series, listen to hundreds and thousands of songs, read endless amount of books. The perfect excuse: you are a quizzer, and you must know all of these. (Your mom can’t say no to these anymore! ;) )

3. You get to travel to exotic and not-so-exotic places, visit beautiful college campuses all over the country, visit the colourful college fests and make new friends. You guessed it right: quizzers are ready to become globetrotters for the sake of quizzing. Because every one of these places do have at least one quiz tourney.

4. You can slip into any conversation, easily. Quizzing can make you knowledgeable about a myriad of topics. So, there is no room for awkward silences.

5. You can fill up your showcase with trophies and prizes and photographs with eminent quiz masters.

6. You get to meet and socialize with like minded people. Even if the tastes are different, you get to learn a lot of stuff, just from taking with them.

7. And finally comes the biggest catch: MONEY! Do not, under any circumstance, believe a quizzer saying they quiz for anything other than money. Quiz competitions have fabulous amount of money, and they can all be yours.

8. If not the money, at least we do not promise you false Ferraris or gold coins in that digital bank. We offer you more: a great shopping experience. Earning lots of coupons can become the latest side-effect of quizzing.

So, what you waiting for? Grab your phone and log on to Battle of Minds that promises you the thrilling experience of mind games and a chance to grab a lot of elusive coupons for a greater shopping experience!

(Psst! The legendary Valyrian sword is inspired from Damascus steel, or more appropriately Wootz steel. This steel, forged by the Indian smiths of bygone era, was supposedly one of the best steel for swords. The art of making these legendary swords is lost. For more information, use the ubiquitous power of Google. )

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