I Bet You Think This Poem Is About You.

I expect more from you 
All of you 
I’m not a judgmental person / and sure you may think so. 
My expectations are high. 
I expect more from you, All of you.

You’ve been blessed to be from the worlds freest nation. 
You are blessed with privilege merely based on location. 
Your cultural exposure to the world and access to immaculate education 
— in comparison — is outstanding.

Every time you scream at me from out the window 
Any fucking window- 
Your car, your friends car, a public bus, a building.
From beyond the glass fucking ceiling that you’ve put in place 
for the institutionalized inequality and endless male gaze.

Did you not give up your very own rib for us to stand with you? 
And now you’ll take anything you want- 
Everything I’ve got- because you’re entitled? 
Are we forever in debt to you from a single biblical fairy tale ?

Every cat call 
Every holler 
Every denied advancement that goes to far 
Every sexual innuendo 
Every unwarented sext, dick pick
and immediate assumption “OPEN FOR BUSINESS” 
is just a single reminder from the patriarchy: 
That my body is not my own 
and I am simply the by product of years of institutionalized sexism.

And that’s your free pass- no harm- no foul.

“This is your daily reminder 
from the patriarchy that your body: 
is public property.”

I just expect more from you, 
All of you. 
“You are the result of 4 billion years of evolutionary success”
Fucking act like it