The emerging MMUs by Envion

Do you have any idea about the value of energy? Many individuals as well as groups have tried introducing solutions to develop energy in various methods than the traditional, especially because of the increasing value. We all have an idea on the core application of energy; electricity. Though we have heard of solar power and some other technologies of producing electricity, Envion had been able to develop a system of MMUs- Mobile Mining Units. The specialty is that these are able to tap electricity at the source in a direct manner, disregarding the type of the source. Solar, wind, hydro and fossil power plants in almost everywhere in the world can be reached by these MMUs. These consists of communication, remote control systems, mining hardware and features for industry automation. However, Envion’s Mobile Mining Units can be identified as an advanced technological solution which allows the cheapest and cleanest energy mix to be used, when and where it is available.

The block-chain technology as well as renewable energies are two of the most important and popular sectors as per everybody’s knowledge. The MMU s help to fuse these two sectors with its flexibility. Envion promotes climate preservation as well as the welfare of its token-holders with the use of dynamics. If tokens are further explained, they are based on the ERC20 protocol. 150 million protocols of $1 nominal price are issued. These tokens carry some important rights such as the right to vote and the right to receive dividends.

The fully automated systems done by Envion are located inside intermodal containers, and have the ability to be shipped wherever around the world, which is basically transport within continents.

The three technologies involved in this flexible strategy are decentralized mobile-mining units(MMUs), central hub/unified mining cloud (UMC), and Global smart-energy sourcing (SES). These three get together and builds complementary system. The combination of smart energy sourcing and mobile mining units are applied in two business models: proprietary mining operations model (PMO) and the Third Party operations model (TPO). The two models are different when it comes to owning the MMUs once they are produced.

Envion has unique and strong development principles, which makes the products special. Let us now look at some of those features which are also advantages of Envion’s MMus. This MM units’ core technology has a wide range, starting from circuit boards to application software, based on clear guidelines. These are mobile, so that the Envion vision can realized only after ensuring that each component is compatible with. Breaking into models is a core of Envion’s design-strategy. The success of MMUs is dependent on modularization. The products of Envion are always cost effective. Another attractive point is that these are easy to maintain. The MMU systems are not being affected by removing, adding, replacing or adding any devices to the original system, which can be further known as plug-and-play. Deployment of MMU to full scale mining takes only few minutes once energy and network connections are on. This plug-and-mine service is all about plugging the device in, and automatically starting with the sequential mining process. Envion had made MMUs expandable. This is because of simple, function based and straightforward engineering. MMUs consists of a cooling system which is an essential when it comes to any data center. All of these special features make Envion MMUs special.

Mining pools or certain coins have risks, which should be minimized with the introduction of future operations of crypto mining. Individuals should be allowed to do crypto mining even without doing major investments. Envion works towards the participation of the community in decision making about mining.

Basically, Envion is in the process of laying the foundation to the future of crypto mining. This is mainly done by making highly-mobile, mining units which are easy to maintain, and through offering the right of vote regarding mining locations and coin choices for the community. Envion has a wide vision, and works for it with a realistic concept. The usage of Smart energy sourcing is a classic example to show that Envion is working to be a leading-player in the emerging world, with high flexibility and potential!

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