2 Passion A Context of My Life

Belonging or loyalty to a football team is nonsense for some people or i had to say we are minority that belong the colors. But in order to understand this passion it is necessary to live and coincide at any time. It is not a love that understood or learned from a distance. I met with this passion very late. When i was studying in high school i didn’t interested with this type things. I was finding, finding myself, i was asking every time what i will do, where that i will belong then i found the music. I lost mind in that. I was thinking about music everyday because i couldn’t find myself in nothing else. Time was flowing like a water and i wasn’t aware. We were started to work for university exam. I was going through a stressful situation. It was time to give up some things and we started running away from classes to watch football games. The feeling of love and hatred inside me awakened again. We started to follow the matches with a different excitement. We had a little cafe that everyone was gathered. Sometimes it was emotional, sometimes frustrated, sometimes funny, too many times that we had spend..
We entered the test, the results were revealed and the road to Istanbul was visible. I was excited because there will be Beşiktaş. I’ve been born but I’ve never seen, i loved but i never lived. School, new friendships and environments.. Then came that day. That day, we did wear different from other days. We were excited different from other days. Everything was different from other times. The sound from metrobus: ‘’Last station Zincirlikuyu.’’ When i gone down everything came more crowded to my eyes. It seemed the had changed atmosphere. I didn’t even ride a bus to go down. Downhill road, happy people, shoutings, compositions.. We met with friends; beers, talks, again cheers. As if my soul found peace. I got more excited as the voices get higher. Then a short walk in the wooded road which we called the name. We entered the stadium. It was my first step to there. I looked around it was amazing. The weather and atmosphere were great, people seemed crazy. A silence from the first few seconds of the match, after 1,2,3 Beşiktaş!Everyone’s hands are open to the air. There was an incredible sound and it fascinated me. We were in love with the voices. Yes there were colors that attracted us but the passion was again connected to voice. At that moment I realized that in my life I will not give up on two things; music and indispensable meaning of black and white. I mean I fell in love with the voices. I will always want to hear something new in my life, maybe i will produce maybe i will just listen. Now when I write these last lines, I think of both words and football game that will played tomorrow, and also i am listening ave maria from schubert. Sorry for my bad English but the main thing I try to explain is; Whatever happens, you must have passion for connecting you to life. Music, football, books maybe just a woman… For now stay with the beautiful music, eagle hearted people.