Let’s Talk About Some 4th Industrial Revolution

What is the industrial revolution ?

The industrial revolution is pass from production based on human and animal power to production based on machine power. It emerged in England in 18th century. Then Belgium, France, Germany, USA and Japan joined the industrial revolution. England has more advanced banking and stock exchange system than other countries. Developing parliamentary system let and confirmed for the unlimited competition in the principles of capitalism. With the industrial revolution productivity has increased stable and steady. The industrial revolution consists of phases; in the first phase done by finding steam machine, the second industrial revolution came with invention like electric, internal combustion engine and radio. Many innovations such as the digitalization of production, the emergence of intelligent software, web-based service can be called the 3rd industrial revolution. According to many researchers and article writers; the third industrial revolution can be called computer age.

4th Industrial Revolution

According to many researchers; 4th industrial revolution will many change of our lifes. Intelligent factories, superior artificial intelligence systems, robots that work and communicate with their own artificial intelligence, and management of production from the virtual environment. Many of them will happen with the 4th industrial revolution. With the 4th industrial revolution within the scope of modular smart factories, it is aimed to monitor physical processes with cyber-physical systems, to create a virtual copy of the physical world and to make decentralized decisions. The cyber-physical systems with objects of internet will be able to communicate in real time with each other and with people in cooperation. Both internal and cross-organizational services will be provided through the services’ internet and will be evaluated by users of the value chain. 4th The Industrial Revolution has arisen in the industry, in general, for the machines to begin to manage themselves and their production processes without the need for human power. Different unit managers will be able to manage the production process through their smartphones and tablets, no matter where they are. If there is any undesirable development in the production process, the production can be stopped immediately. In a factory where more advanced objects are used in the internet system, the process will be automatically stopped by machines or robots when the process of production is managed by machines and robots. First of all, the machines we use will have more electronic, more automated, more virtual reality. This electronic structure will be somewhat more automated than we thought it would be with the network system and the internet in the world, and these automated systems will be virtually under the influence. Most importantly, creating a real-time connection system.