Hello everyone! Today I want to share something about an app and I think it is one of the best.It called plag and it’s motto is “informations are like viruses and spreading.” And in plag,everyone are equally same because in Plag; people can’t follow anyone and can’t add a friend. That’s why it’s the best,you can’t be friends with people so if you want to be popular,it’s not about yourself,your followers.It’s about what you share,worth of your information.

If you want to spread informations,just go up and if you keep yourself just go down with your fingers it’s easy.You can share many things informations,pictures,gifs etc. but people said that on Plag; they don’t want pornographic things on Plag because it’s not using for that.

Well if you have something good on your mind and want to spread what you say or what you share and want to see it how it is spreading in fact in countries that you didn’t know their names,I suggest you,it’s one of the easiest way to share info.

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