Being A “Millennial” Isn’t Important, Being A Person With Ambition Is

There’s been a lot of noise lately about millennials. I guess I’m part of this created demographic myself, but separating myself from the label has allowed me to grab a panorama of what the deal is.

We’ve become part of this seamless cycle. Let me summarize.

Post by millenial:
+ we work differently and think differently than the older generations
+ we want to freelance and travel and maybe not get married at 23
+ we are in a paradox of being underpaid but wanting to live our dreams
+ we have different priorities and ideas of fulfillment in life

Responses by everyone:
+ this doesn’t apply to only you, you’re selfish, etc
+ why don’t you stop complaining and start doing something about it
+ you’re living in a dream world and you have to make sacrifices someday
+ you’re so ballsy for speaking up for our generation, I’m the same way!, etc

Alright. We get it.

Millennials have been given this stigma and that’s fine and great but it’s time to realize that we’re all just people living with what we got. We all work differently, we all have goals and dreams, we all are dealing with not being paid enough, we all have our own struggles, and we all want to be the best people we can. Those characteristics don’t make us part of a generation, they make us part of the world we are all living in. It’s helpful to note the traits that make you happy, or what works with your lifestyle, but is it really important to tie it into a generation and end it there?

Things change.

Let’s face it — the world we live in just isn’t the same as it was before. People are choosing to be who they want based on what they want to, not what society is making them do. Lots of professions and career lifestyles are becoming the normal (freelancing, working more than one job, hobbies and artistic passions becoming a career, etc). Resources and tools are everywhere for people who want to use them (online courses, databases, free tutorials, online consumerism, etc).

However — the idea of making ends meet has been the usual for a while now (working side jobs, selling your things, prioritizing needs, the fact that jobs are in expensive areas, etc). What has changed — it’s easier to complain about it now.

Just do the best you can and make great things.

We all have our baggage and struggles. What makes you stand out is your ambition. Get some goals and follow through.

Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings — Salvador Dali

Find what works for you. Do you not like 9–5 desk jobs? Don’t get one and if you have to, deal however you can. Does traveling and freelancing make you the happiest? That might not be just a millennial thing, you know. You can make a living doing that, and if that’s your goal — make ends meet to make it happen.

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