Dinner for Six, Please
Benjamin A. Barsky

Lovely question my man, and to be fair it’s one of those ones that gets more difficult to answer as we grew older. Our realities along with the mirror images of those realities (the definitions of heroes, anti-heroes, role-models, villains etc.) gets convoluted as life becomes more of a thing of “different shades of gray” and less of a thing of “black and white”

That said — and please bear in mind that I am writing these sentences semi-scared of being called a “slacker” at work — several names comes into my mind that are somewhat mostly unknown in contemporary Western society. Maybe you or someone else may feel inspired to read about these historical figures. After all, isn't all this part of a steep learning curve?


2-Baki (Mahmud Abdülbâkî)

3-Jabir ibn Hayyan

4-Mevlana ( Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rumi)

5-Hassan-i Sabbah (preferably while I’m dead sober)