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Amazon Lambda is probably the most famous serverless AWS service. Generally, It offers a low-cost solution and a relatively simple and straightforward platform for implementing functions in different languages. If your script is not complex, setup is incredibly simple. But, One of the main problems with Lambda is that it becomes tricky to set up as soon as your functions and triggers get more complex.

If you were using the Docker platform, you would import your custom packages with PIP. Unfortunately, there is no docker and PIP package manager. There are just built-in packages available. So the AWS found a solution named Lambda Layers. …

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I think that all of the DevOps know the Boto library in Python. Boto3 is a really wonderful library for AWS operations. But nowadays GoLang is a popular language like Python in the DevOps community. Sometimes you can need only one binary executable file instead of tons of python scripts.

“” script can send an email with attachment by using Amazon SES services (Amazon Simple E-mail Services). It needs the AWS Cli tool.

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You have to just install the AWS CLI tool. There are many ways to install the Amazon Web Service Command Line Client (aka AWS Cli) including using pip package manager, homebrew package manager or just downloading the raw executables.( As a Mac user, I prefer to use Homebrew ( )

brew install awscli


pip3 install --upgrade --user awscli

After installing AWS Cli, you must configure the credential file. You can use this command:

aws configure

This command asks your aws access key and secret key and region. …


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