How Google can help to achieve your goals

Our lives quite often are just a huge mess which is difficult to sort out. We need plans, tools and guides to sort out simple things. Usually these are either expensive or difficult to use and that discourages any initiatives by whoever want to try it.

However, our favorite tech giant Google which has changed forever the way we search for things on internet and navigate across the streets has also created tools to help us make the life together. They are super easy to use, can use on any device and most important they are very convenient.

Google Calendar

It is simple but probably one of the most powerful productivity tool in your disposition. It might be tedious task to allocate time in the calendar for the thing you would like to do — exercise. creativity, etc. This is where Google can help you. You just name what you would like to do, for example run two times a week and Google it automatically adds it to your agenda and learns your preferences overtime. Why it is so great? It is proven productivity strategy: instead of writing something down as a to do task, you allocate time for it. For example, which of the following to be more likely to get done: 1. Go to gym twice a week or 2. Go to gym on Monday and Thursday at 7 PM? Having appointment already limits internal procrastinator as it is harder to avoid such appointment with yourself. Also, it synchronizes with Google Fit and your goals can be completed and adjusted without your interference.

Google Inbox

Pretty much everybody uses Gmail. However, Google has another app for Gmail — Inbox. This app uses zero inbox approach: everything what is not needed is being either archived or deleted. Once email is handled it disappears. That allows to keep outstanding empty inbox while knowing what is still outstanding. Zero inbox allows to limit your attention to the things that matter.

Also it automatically creates events in your inbox and calendar on information from your emails, such as events, flights, hotel booking.

Google Keep

Keep has started as very basic task-in-the-box tool and got more powerful overtime. It is not as powerful as some other tools and will not replace professional use systems but it is great for persona use. Need a shopping list? Done. Need to share it with someone? Done. Need to be reminded about it while in grocery store? Done. Want a different color? Also done.