• Chris Ferguson

    Chris Ferguson

    Passionate about applying #design to bridge the know-do gap @bridgeable CEO #servicedesign #experiencedesign #designthinking #cx #ux Loves #music family #bikes

  • Louisa Heinrich

    Louisa Heinrich

    strategist. speaker. instigator. smartypants. lover of good booze, better conversation, and music of most kinds. opinions encouraged.

  • Bo McFarland

    Bo McFarland

    Stop tweeting me. I am not the bo your looking for.

  • Nahum Gershon

    Nahum Gershon

    Loves people, communities, media, & technology (in that order!). Right & left brain enabled.

  • holger volland

    holger volland

    A Bookseller's Son. Now trying to make Frankfurt Book Fair even greater. Former Radio DJ and Creative Director. Good Brands always win.

  • James Macanufo

    James Macanufo

    Last checked in as a 5th-level human wizard of true neutral persuasion, but it wasn't scientific.

  • sitraka


    design & speculations — sitraka.co.uk | vvfa.space

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