Now this was an amazing moment to arrive at,having almost no experience coding before I felt proud in waking up knowing I’d worked to get here.

Woke at 5am its been a while since I last did I’m excited as I head for the bus stop praying not find too much traffic but mostly not get lost in town since I am from Nakuru.

I get to the Andela compound on time walk into a peacefully but buzzing environment most of my fellow boot campers are settling as am I.Soon after breakfast and warm ups we start the day.Having not brought a laptop my main challenge was getting the one I am issued with working and just my luck it isn’t. The class is already in session and my machine isn’t but gladly I share with my amazing group and catch up as the andela team tries and get my machine to work and soon enough it does and now at per with class enjoying the sessions and the challenges .

Having met my amazing facilitator she helps us out giving simpler explanations where there’s difficulty simplifying the learning process.As the day comes to an end I find I have learnt so much so many new concepts in a matter of hours.I realise this exactly what Andela is advertised to do make a better version of yourself by teaching that everything is possible if you put your mind to it. I already love it here!!

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