Homelessness in the US

Ran across numbers on homeless in the US on Kaggle.com. It has 86 thousand observations of the number of homeless for each county or town across the United States for the past 10 years (2007–2016). There are about 500 thousand people who are officially homeless. And this number has been decreasing over the past ten years with a slight bump, most possibly due to the economic meltdown.

The state with the largest number of homeless people is California. It’s dynamics is complex as the state accounts for about a quarter (1/4) of all American homeless people:

Homeless People in State of California

Of those 550 thousand people currently the number of sheltered has dropped strongly:

Unsheltered Homeless People

There are still 39 thousand homeless veterans in the street. Also youth (below 25 years old) makes 39 thousand people or about 6% of all homeless people in the US. Some homeless people are chronically homeless, however. Those make about 15% or 86 thousand people.

What scared me the most is how the number of kids jumps from 3824 for the kids below 18 years of age to 31,862 people for ages 18–24.

Something to think about.