Youth Unemployment Globally

Ran across youth unemployment data in different countries, decided to unfold some numbers, that you may find interesting. There are 219 countries in this table and it shows youth unemployment for people below 24 ((% of total labor force ages 15–24, to be precise).

Some countries shocked me:

Yeah, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia’s unemployment is above a half of labor force.

The best counties for youth are:

The most successful counties in dealing with the youth unemployment.

I am not sure those are the countries with highest life standards and it makes it even more interesting. Can I trust this statistics? It looks very similar to the data on rapes I looked into last week. I was surprised that Sweden was the country with one of the highest rate of rapes per 100,000 of population.

Countries whose situation significantly worsened

Situation in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Egypt, and Spain has become extremely bad for the youth. Luckily, four out of those five are in EU and youth can move to other EU member countries. Let’s where they can move:

Counties that improved situation with the youth unemployment

The Baltic countries did a great job fighting youth unemployment. May be with the help of migration and unpopular economic measures after the financial meltdown in 2008.

Instead of a resume. My glorious Kazakhstan is the best country to be young: