How to travel in Sri Lanka for less than $15 a day!

“Want to tour Sri Lanka for less than $15 a day? Real tips from travel experts and locals”

There has never been a better time to visit Sri Lanka than right now. Post war in 2009, this pearl shaped island has opened up for tourism and is on the boom. Pristine beaches, king coconuts, warm people, the sunshine, surf, mouth-watering cuisine, spices and culture, nature and wildlife are some of the reasons to visit this tropical island. With the all-round weather, any time is a good time to Visit Sri Lanka. The daily cost of living may be less, but tourist attractions can be expensive. This below guide will help you visit and experience this land, just like a local. Who wouldn’t want to travel for less? Here are 5 simple tips on how to travel in Sri Lanka for $15 or less a day!

Travel by tuk-tuks

Taxies can be comfortable. But you want to experience the land like a local. Travel how the locals do. This three wheeler ride is fun as the drivers get chatty. You can learn a bit about Sri Lanka from them. The standard rate for a metered Tuk-Tuk in Colombo starts off at 50 Rupees for the first kilometer. Subsequently, it should be 30 Rupees per Kilometer. Assuming you are traveling for 15 Kms…

Cost: $3.5 for 15 Kilometres.

Eat at local eateries

Find out from the hotel you are staying at for local eateries. Stay away from restaurants if you want to save money. You can also ensure that your stay comes with Breakfast or Half board option. That way, you will only pay for one meal a day! A meal can be as low as $2. And we are referring to a feast for that amount. Rice, curry, fish, the works. No kidding!

Cost: $2 a meal.

Choose your stay wisely

We love staying at guesthouses, hostels and B&B’s. Hostels are also a great way to meet fellow travelers. Siesta at Tangalle for example! This husband and wife run place has impeccably neat rooms with oversized bathrooms and mosquito nets, and it takes just a 30-second walk to a wide and uncrowded beach. You would not believe the price even if we told you.

Cost: $7.5 per night.

Learn to haggle like a pro!

This may not come easy but with a little practice, you can haggle like an expert. Everything in Sri Lanka is negotiable. Don’t feel shy. Ask for a lesser price and the seller might just oblige. Shops at the riverside of Pinnewala, for example, sell notebooks made from recycled elephant dung. Imagine buying that as a Christmas gift? Now that’s cheap shopping while you are environmentally friendly.

Cost: $1 per piece

Stay away from touristy spots

There are so many things to do in Sri Lanka for free. Typical touristy places are expensive. If you are on a budget and are looking for an experience, here are five things to do.

– Climb the Adam’s Peak, along with the throngs of pilgrims

– Go on a tour to learn all about tea and sample them for free

– Visit Sri Lankan temples

– Walk around Kandy Lake

– Enjoy the pristine beaches and breathe in the Sri Lankan air.

Cost: FREE


In other words, you can easily travel for less than $15 in Sri Lanka and yet have the experience of your life!

We even interviewed some travel experts on their tips to see the world on a tight budget. You can read about it here — Expert traveler’s ultimate secret on how to travel for less.

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