Spin AI Honest Review

The world is changing everyday new technology are advancing day by day, due to the very high rate of cyber crimes in world. Today, cybersecurity is crucially important for organizations and their business-critical data. People have found new ways to protect important data to curb this problem, so they came up with Spin AI. This software uses AI technology to detect early stage security threats. Today I will discussing about this Awesome technology.

what is spin AI?

Spin AI technology is a SaaS data security management platform design to monitor, secure, and backup up your G suite, Microsoft 365 and salesforce data, data protect against ransomware, improve compliance, and reduce IT cost. which is based in palo Alto california. I love it so much that i will like you to use it too. what if you had a machine-learning enabled solution, like your very own cybersecurity cybory that watches your workspace environments, looks for early stage threats attempting to infect your crucial files, blocks it and safes data corruption automatically. Now let’s jumps to what made me to start using Spin AI technology

Pros: What made me start using Spin AI

well, Spin AI technology with their amazing features that protects and trusted by many organization in the world. I have being using it for more than a year now, even though it cost a little but, I can bet you that your important data is a million times worth purchasing this software to protect it. here are some of thing that made me start using Spin AI:

1. No need to constantly update like other antivirus application in which if you didn’t, your data are that risk of getting infected and also to get the best of an antivirus to have to pay. although Spin AI cost a little to keep it activated.

2. Cost: The antivirus that I used before cost much than spin AI.

3. Working potential: it works even at networks level.

4. Backup plan: It provides backups and encryption for my important data that I don’t even want to leave on my computer.

5. Human error: it helps reduce human errors, not all hacking and phishing are done without giving out little clues to hackers for them to be able to hack you. So Spin AI technology helps reduce that risk.

cons: what I probably don’t like about spin AI

1. they free trial don’t give the best or average protection, so it better to start with a paid version.

if there were more cons about Spin AI I would have figured it out in my 1 to 2 years of usage. Now let’s head over to the Features.

Spin AI Features

1. New custom backups for your data

2. New UI changes in Microsoft Office 365

3. Improved slack notification

4. More ransomware variations and file modification introduced

5. New Block/Allow list features for Third party apps protection

6. Unlimited Download

7. Unlimited manual backups

8. Automated backup

9. Removes ransom without you having to scan manually

10. Very strong protection against ransomware.

There are more features to Spin AI technology, but I just list a few I was able to discover and use myself.

pricing: how much does spin AI technology cost?

well, it won’t cost you much as you think it will. For Free trial which

won’t provides much security for your data. Paid version offers full protection for all your data and privacy online for just a $9/month. so is that cheap to Get started and never worry about hackers and vulnerability of important company or personal data.

Important notes: When you SIGNUP with this link you get a discount on your first month.

how does spin AI work?

So you might be asking, how does spin AI work? well with the help of Spin Artificial intelligent(AI) This is how it works:

step #1: Spin one AI-intelligence detects the ransomware infecting the cloud storage environment.

step #2: It then blocks the source of the ransomware attack at the network level.

step #3: SpinOne goes to work identifying the number of files and specific files that have been infected with the attack.

step #4: it then automatically recovers the files that have been infected with ransomware and encrypted

step #5: Administrators are automatically notified of the attack and the remediation operation

Just imagine as a cloud SaaS administrator waking up in the morning to find out that Spin has automatically detected a ransomware attack, blocked the attack source, determine any files that have been infected, and automatically restored those for you? would that not be amazing! I tell you this is the best modern approach of protecting your Business-critical data from ransomware.

Let’s say you receive an email or you connect an infected USB. Ransomware virus automatically spreads to the computer, Spin AI already encrypted your files including items in cloud connected storage. Then SpinOne detects Ransomware and attacks it. It then replaces the infected files with uninfected files which SpinOne has stored in the cloud, blocks the source of the attack in real time. And with the help of Spin AI algorithms it identify the number of damaged files.

Cybersecurity automation is critically important as ransomware attacks get more sophisticated, quicker, and more dangerous. So I advice you SIGNUP today.

Why I prefer to use spin AI than antivirus

Not trying to say Antiviruses aren’t good, It just that I have found so much comfort

using Spin AI. To me Spin AI is the upgraded version of antiviruses which I think provides me more security and and new incredible features That makes things easier for me.

Some of the things I prefer to use Spin AI to Antivirus is;

1. affordability: Antivirus are pretty more expensive this days so when I found out about Spin

I quickly start using it instead.

2. More features: Spin more features compared to Antivirus because of the help of Artificial intelligence.

3. Updating: Sometimes when I forget to update my Antivirus it’s becomes a problem and endangering my files, while for Spin AI just pay and it is done.

4. risk of corruption: when you don’t constantly update your Antivirus there is a tendencies that your data is gonna get corrupted easily, and the Antivirus won’t be up to date to keep up with the latest Threats, especially if your a gamer using Spin AI you don’t need to worry about Game data corruption.

DISCLAIMER: Not saying you shouldn’t use Antivirus, is just that I prefer to use Spin AI due to some few reasons.

Finally is Spin AI technology legit?

I know you might be asking why should I trust my business or personal data to this software.

Well to be honest with you this is the best software use for your the security of your business. Yes. you can 100% trust this software for your Data Protection. I have used it and my data aren’t in anyway loose. Spin AI cloud Cyber security and and ransomware protection new features shows that Spin AI is serious about protecting your data as well as your Google workspace and Microsoft Office 365. And I have seen and witness how it works and protects my Data. And it’s not in anyway a SCAM. So if your looking for a honest review on Spin AI Technology I have provided it. For your Work, Organization, School, Business, Office and others. SIGNUP for Spin AI Technology Today! And never worry about Hackers or other forms of Threats AGAIN.



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