Housing for a Growing California: Details on My Housing Reform Bill
Scott Wiener

”Scott Wiener -California State Senator. Urbanist. Environmentalist. Advocate for transit, housing, parks, and education.”

The word “Urbanist” is all we need to know! SMH
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“California is in a housing shortage due to decades of underproduction of housing at all income levels.”

Demand to live on the coast, and in the USA, will always be. What happens when every suburb is turned urban and 250 stories high and there’s still more demand to live by the fresh air & cool climate coast? Then what?

Or are you counting on the urban grime to get so bad that it kills more demand? Does life have to become so crappy on the coast to match the horrid deserts of Arizona that demand equalizes? When will it be enough housing?

Instead of ruining our suburbs & turning them into urbania, how about controlling illegal & legal immigration, providing birth control, improving crappy inland areas so they wont need to demand to move to the coast?

How about focusing on attracting higher paying jobs, & more (cheaper) colleges to educate more folks into higher pay to afford the coastal rents? — — —

“Too often our cities aren’t taking their responsibility seriously to build housing for people who live and work in our communities, and this hits middle income, working class, and poor residents the hardest.”

I agree, and since Huntington Beach EXPORTS 70–80% of our employees out of town (in cars), SCAG should mandate that HB doesn’t build another unit until we import those employers & grow jobs until our employee Imports = Exports! All new projects should be commercial projects for employers, & residential HDD be banned until then! Exactly the opposite of what SCAG’s RHNA is mandating!!!
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“SB 35 will result in more housing at all income levels, good-paying jobs to build that housing, ….”

If SB35’s & SCAG’s HDD is taking old commercial lots, how the heck can it “result in more….good-paying jobs?” You’re taking away lots for companies’ jobs to put in more residents in HDD!!!

This SCAG RHNA re-enforcing bill is absolutely senseless & asinine! Take your SB35 & Go Pound Sand!!!