Sierra Leone’s Civil War

History of Children in Civil War- I will be focusing on the civil war in Sierra Leone and the impact it had on the people. This war lasted 11 years and ended with 50,000 dead. It started because Sierra Leone was rich with alluvial diamonds. I will be using a and a NC Pedia article.

There WAS Social injustice- The social injustice here is that children were forced into war with out training or any sort of warning. Being in was known to be the worst place for a child to be in the world. Today in Sudan, children are still forced to join military. Towns were invaded by soldiers and they took all male children as young as six. The children were so young, they weren’t strong enough to fight and at that age it is way harder for them to learn how to fight in a war situation. It is completely unfair to take such young innocent kids and put them in a violent war.

Everyday Hero- The everyday hero’s that I chose to recognize is a mother and daughter that live in Sierra Leone. Both mother and daughter lost their left hands to rebels’ machetes during an attack. It took them three days to receive medical attention following the attack. But they are still living their lives and making the best out of it because they still have each other.

My Literary Assignment- I am looking forward to reading A Long Way Gone. I will be looking at how this war affected the children and their families, the events that happened, and the process the military went through in war and gathering all of the people.

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