So it’s been a while since I have checked in with… myself. I’m still in action and cranking away, go me.

Luckily my levels of pumped are still level Schwarzenegger. Ok that was weird, but thanks for laughing Mom.

Anyways, I totes realize that my ambitions are large, so I have decided to dedicate my time to learning in order to prepare. Now someone is probably thinking, “Cool story bro.” What I have realized after listening to mentors is that I waist way to friggen much time during the day. What’s worse is The more time I pay attention placed on time waist, the more time I recognize slipping away 😵

I know there is a lot of concern about “over doing it” and burning out, but this is my pace. Some people want to move at a slow pace, but just make sure you are moving faster than Comcast’s customer service. And maybe someone else thinks I am slow as a mothaf&$.

I am taking all the time I was listening to music and switching it to something helpful: listening to entrepreneurs. It is the easiest way to surround myself with great influencers. This means every time I drive my phone is hooking up with my car faster than teens on prom night. I pull up either YouTube or a podcast on some famous entrepreneur and get to listening!

I am listening to as many videos/podcasts as I can on each person because I want to not only understand how they build but how they think. This gets my entrepreneurial spirits flowing at speeds even Usain Bolt would give some love to.

What’s this mean to me? I am filling my head with the right thoughts, starting to surround myself with people Mom would approve (sometimes they maybe a little risky for Mom) and maximizing the time I have during the day. Steadily moving forward and fighting as I am #BecomingSomething