You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

First off, as a women I am appreciated for what women fought for in a time women were oppressed. A time when women were not allowed to vote, had to stay in abusive marriages or be shunned, were not legally able to own property, and rape was blamed on the women. However our society today is NOT oppressing women and IF it falls back to old times then I as a women will start marching for those reasons.
I have children, and received maternity leave from work and was quite appreciated and happy. My female friends who are mothers have also received maternity leave with pay as far as I know.
I am not being abused by my husband and if I was I know I have rights and I can walk away and their is women’s resources out there for me. In fact my first boyfriend was emotionally/mentally abusive I broke it friends and family were supportive, and I received counselling and continued with schooling and any women in Canada has a right to this. I am not going to complain about it I just did something about it. I have a friends cousin AND a brother in law who are both repeatedly physically and emotionally abused by their girlfriends/wife. Your probably thinking that can’t happen, but it does. In fact the girlfriend is so controlling she won’t let him have any contact with his parents because his mother confronted her about her attacking her son in PUBLIC at a restaurant with 6 other people around the table. The girlfriend had been drinking a bit to much, and got into an argument with another women at the table and when her boyfriend tried to defuse the situation she accused him of not standing with her and grabbed her high heel shoe and hit him on top of the head resulting in blood gushing out. A nearby table called the police and police did not arrest her, as the boyfriend said it was just a misunderstanding. That was the 3rd time she had done that in a public setting, and second time police were called. He showed up at our house for a BBQ once with a black eye, claw marks on the side of his face, and jab marks on his head from his girlfriend attacking him with her keys. He has never hit her back, has only pushed her off him and this isn’t even a unusual situation. I have seen with my own eyes three different incidents when a mans girlfriend attacks him. People just assume it’s the mans fault now, he must of done something to anger her or shes DEFENDING herself, and alot of the time its complete bullshit.
I am not a women of color, or am I a gay women so I am not able to comment on that. However Gay/Heterosexual have more rights than I, my spouse or my child does now, because If I don’t feel “comfortable” with something I am deemed as “hateful” “rude” “prejudice” ect ect ect. 
I was 11 years old visiting Edmonton Alberta, in a large second hand store when I was looking at purses in an aisle when a man who appeared to be a man but wore a long famine coat, and also had a women purse over his shoulder and was picking out women's tops casually engaging in conversation with me when he put his down my shirt and cupped my breast. Police were called, he ran out the exit.

HOLLYWOOD tells girls if they are fat or skinny, not society and those are the same people who praise and accept Transgender,Gay, any race/skin color, and are open to everyone. It is on magazine covers that have celebrity’s looking beautiful, and SEXY. That is not our society putting crap like that out there for girls, but doing the opposite actually. So think about that some more and how that works. I know a gay man who will only date other men if they look “sexy” and they have to have a nice body, he has a nice body and won’t date any heavier set men. That is not what he is attracted to, do I judge that. No. Should I tell him he is prejudice towards over weight people? No, because he is gay and his mind thinking is acceptable. If a straight man said that about a women.. wow..that would not go over well with me.
My 6 year old son informed me two months ago he gets slapped by girls at school. When I had question him more on this, he said “ because girls slap the boys they like” and he felt PROUD. When I explained to him this was not acceptable, and needs to stop he complained to me. I asked him if he slaps these girls back and he said no, I asked him who does this and he named two girls I knew. I told the teacher, the girls were talked to and it still is continuing. I spoke to the aboriginal advocate the second time and she had a talk with all the kids in the grade 1 classes because other boys were reporting getting slapped and that it was all a fun game. One of the parents of the girl..she didn’t think it was a big deal. In fact family members of mine have daughters around my kids age, and their dads/uncles and grandpa will tease the girls how the girls will beat up the boys and that is okay, but the boys would be in big trouble if they hit back. I was guilty for not saying anything for awhile, I have three boys and everyone around me family/friends have girls finally I had to talk to my spouse and mother in law and voice that is not okay. Nobody should be telling any boys it is okay if girls are rough with them but they can’t be rough back and now when uncles/aunts or my friends bring the topic up I shut it down. My 9 year old niece had my 8 year old son pinned down after playing a game of tag, my son didn;t do anything to push her off. He felt super embarrassed I could tell, and I ended up talking to him about it sure, but he says that happens all the time but he says” because shes a girl, you cant hit girls mom only boys”. 
I don’t walk at night NOT because of fear of men, but fear of EVERYONE. YOU know women have been known to mug, hurt people to right? In high school girls who were mean tough, use to corner girls they didn’t like, or gang beat them walking home from school. It Happens and NO guys were involved? Imagine that? I deal with women who are in addictions everyday in my job, they lived on the streets. I help them with resources, harm reduction ect. I can’t tell you how many of my co workers (female)have been assaulted, punched, hit and doing outreach on the streets by a women. I couldn;t imagine doing outreach in the DARK. Nightime isn;t safe for anyone, I wouldn’t even let my teenage SON walk alone. So stop blaming men for the only reason why women can’t walk at night!!

Breast Feed in public? Really? Actually a lot of women don’t want to show their breast to strangers regardless if they are for breast feeding purposes. Its a COMFORTABLE level for everyone. My friends breast feed in front of me and I even feel uncomfortable but I would never say that I just occupy my mind with something else or turn away. My 5 year old son see’s a women breast feeding and asks” mom what is she doing, why is her boob out” I will explain to him the nature of breast feeding but to be honest, I explain to my kids ALL the time that it is not appropriate or okay to look at girls naked, or anybody naked that “ our bodies and private parts are made only for us to see” as a parent you can figure out easily why I tell my kids this.. we’ll try explaining to my 5 year old that my bestfriends boob is visible for him to see to feed a baby but that is acceptable. He doesn’t get it, private parts are private parts regardless. Don;t even try to say that men are more likely to molest or rape a child, because men also molest little boys and I don’t give a shit if it’s because” he was gay but didn’t feel comfortable coming out so that man is also a victim” bullshit …because Private parts are private parts and feminists, WE WON’T EVER GET RID OF CHILD PEDOPHILES, RAPISTS OR MURDERS. Doesn’t matter if a damn women is running this country, EVIL is everywhere, doesn’t matter how PERFECT a society is , and or HOW ACCEPTING a society is or how much you think your feminist movement can CLEANSE a society of men, because THERE IS ALWAYS mental illness!!!!! this.. is.. not.. So darn rights I will tell my nieces, and daughter to be careful, do not let anyone look at your private parts,not even friends it is just safe practice until their adults and understand.
 Eventually Mens rights will be taken away completely, it will side with women completely to the point generations after generations men will become suppressed and we will be marching in mens movements. Once women just appreciate and be happy with just being a women acknowledging their uniqueness and things men can’t do, and accepting we are all equal, and quit the blame game.. pointing fingers.. justifying… society will be more peaceful.

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