By Lisa Perez, Marketing Director, Bayer Aspirin, Bayer Consumer Health

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My father is a proud man, and he certainly doesn’t want to reveal any weakness. The story of my dad’s stroke started with a call from my aunt late one evening. She told me she spoke to my dad and he seemed off. Since my aunt rarely calls, I knew this had to be serious.

I immediately called my dad to see how he was doing. He didn’t sound great to me either. But he explained it away with reasonable excuses, so off to bed I went. When I checked…

Kellie Adesina, Director, Government Affairs, Crop Science, Bayer U.S.

Editor’s note: In honor of Black History Month, we have invited Bayer’s Kellie Adesina to pen a blog. Kellie recently was named to Lawyers of Color’s Top Lobbyists and Influencers list. In late 2020, she also co-founded a new organization — Black Professionals in Food and Agriculture.

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“…there is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it, if only we’re brave enough to be it.”

These are the powerful words that stood out to me from Amanda Gorman’s poem, “The Hill We Climb” presented at President Joe Biden’s inauguration…

By, Donna Wilke RN, MSN, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, Women’s Healthcare, Medical Science Liaison

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A light at the end of a very long and challenging tunnel appeared with the first COVID-19 vaccines. Getting to the end of the tunnel is going to take time and resources. That’s where my experience as a clinician and desire to help is coming in handy.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, as a clinician, I have had an overwhelming need to do something — to act, to help my community and use my skills. Each time I would reach out to my local non-profit…

Shakti Harris, Head of Inclusion & Diversity, Bayer U.S.

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Today we’re celebrating the life and long-lasting contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. As I began reflecting for this blog, I considered Dr. King’s life and legacy and how it’s shaped my own life. One reason I am who I am today is because of Dr. King. The heroic work he did to push policy change, fight for equal rights, and inspire peaceful change has long guided where I focused my energy and how I live my life.

Memories of Becoming American

My U.S. journey starts as the daughter of…

By Laura Lampa, Microbial Curation Lead, Microbial Research Technologies, Biologics Division, Bayer U.S.

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I am no stranger to change. In my nearly 14 years at Biologics, first with the legacy company then Bayer, West Sacramento, going through change has almost become an insider joke for those of us who came to Bayer from Biologics. In fact, the quote from Heraclitus, “the only constant in life is change” could be our (unofficial) division tag line. However, no matter how agile you think you are, no matter how used to change you become, nothing could have prepared us for the year 2020.

Top stories from Bayer Crop Science, December 2020

As many growers look ahead to the 2021 season, we’re taking a look back to some of the top Bayer stories from last month. These include company updates and information as well as the latest products and technology growers need to know about.

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Here are some of our top stories from December 2020:

1. Improved Capabilities Lead to Better Soybean Technologies at Bayer, Farm Progress

2. Bayer offers ultra-cold freezer space for vaccine storage in St. Louis County, KTVI FOX 2 St. Louis

3. DEKALB Asgrow strengthens portfolio with XtendFlex soybeans, Iowa…

By Sameer Bansilal, MD, MS, FACC, Senior Director, U.S. Medical Affairs, Cardiovascular and Renal, Pharmaceuticals, Bayer U.S.

As I pulled my car into the dimly lit garage and turned off the ignition, tears came flooding down my face. I had just returned from serving as an attending cardiologist in the COVID Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at NY Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City. Tears reflecting on the horror and suffering I had witnessed in the last week. Tears of relief that I had made it home. …

Bayer is poised to turn high-tech into high yield potential for soybean growers.

New tools are transforming the way Bayer researchers develop new soybean products. Laura Grapes, who leads Product Systems in the Bayer North America Breeding program, talks about the company’s breeding advancements and what they mean for the Bayer soybean pipeline.

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Laura Grapes, Product Systems Development Lead at Bayer Crop Science

How is Bayer transforming soybean breeding?

We are using some incredibly high-tech, emerging technologies that are helping us to better develop and predict soybean performance for our customers. New tools like advanced analytics, imaging platforms, and artificial intelligence are changing the way our researchers gather and make…

By Deb Holderman, Executive Director, Health Plan and PBM Account Management, Bayer U.S. Market Access

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My son, Joseph, has always been the person to defend those who were treated poorly or unfairly. Even as a kid in school, he protected the kid who would get bullied and befriended the classmate who got teased. He absolutely loved dogs and they loved him to the point that I called him the “Dog Whisperer.” …

Top stories from Bayer Crop Science, November 2020

As harvest wraps up, Bayer is sharing some of the top stories from the past month. Hear from our experts on an array of topics including product news, carbon farming and other exciting initiatives from Bayer.

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Here are some of our top stories from November 2020:

1. Bayer’s Carbon Initiative Pilot Program Met With Overwhelming Interest, Hoosier Ag Today

2. Bayer Announces Updates to 2021 Bayer PLUS Rewards Program and Grower Financing, Successful Farming

3. NAFB Trade Talk Showcase: Bayer, Brownfield Ag News

4. Bayer Introduces Delaro Complete Fungicide After Federal Approval, CropLife

5. Bayer Moves into Carbon Farming, High Plains Journal

6. Bayer Carbon Initiative Rewards Growers for New Climate-Smart Practices, Farm Progress

7. Carbon Initiative Rewards Farmers for Stewardship, No-Till Farmer

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