I cannot breathe.

Within your eyes I see a vivid image.

A beautiful angel.

White wings spread wide,

His skin bronzed,

Kissed by the sun.

Wrapped within only a white cloth.

You begin to speak.

I hear only fragments.

Yet I shiver.

Your words are cold.

They lack all warmth.

Each one like a blade.

And as you speak the angel begins to bleed.

I’m sorry

Perfect flesh carves beneath an invisible knife.

I wish things were different.

Scarlet blood drips from arched wings.

I wanted this to work.

Inaudible cries of agony escape from tortured lips.

It just isn’t fair to you.

White cloth stains red.

I hope you find someone that deserves you.

Golden eyes fade to gray.


And as he cascades to the ground,

I find that you are gone.

And that I am alone.