10 Killer Tips to Boost Your eCommerce Business in this Festive Season

The most awaited festive season is going on, and almost every business owners are striving hard to boost their sales. Most ecommerce websites are coming up with discounts and several exciting offers. But, it’s not easy to improve ecommerce business in this highly competitive techno-savvy age.

Instead of going with the retail outlets and shopping malls, most shoppers today look for better deals and discount sales online. And, they purchase the most exciting product after comparing the prices & quality on several websites. Hence online sales, especially during the festivals are on the rise.

In this blog, you will find some killer tips to improve Boost eCommerce Business in this festive season:

1. Update your home page which is completely focus on a particular festival or holiday. You can highlight the discount or offer you are providing. Some of the most popular ecommerce websites such as Amazon and eBay follow this effective marketing strategy that make shopping more accessible for their customers and thus boosting sales.

2. You can also add a countdown timer on your home page that shows that a particular offer is about to finish. It will provide customers with a sense of urgency that might make them purchase your products.

3. Displaying the products that are related to each other is an another effective way to boost cross sales. Also, you can create a list of different age groups, genders, and price ranges. It will allow buyers to easily search for multiple products in less time.

4. Share festival based content on your blog. You can provide users with some valuable information such as home decoration and other DIY tips.

5. You can also enable customer feedbacks on your e-store. Online buyers are more likely to purchase products that have been reviewed.

6. On “order confirmation”, you can even add holiday greetings with suggestions for other relevant products.

7. Make sure all the images on your website are fully optimized. You can compress all the images & videos so they won’t affect your website’s speed.

8. Make sure your website is fully responsive and provides the seamless shopping experience to mobile users. Mobile shopping has become a trend today that you can’t miss out in 2016 shopping season.

9. If you aren’t using clear images of your products, then update your images now. Most shoppers see the items clearly before making the buying decision.

10. In this festive season, you can also offer extended return and exchange policy. You can give flexibility in payment options.

All these effective tips will help you boost ecommerce business in this festive season 2016–2017.

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