3 Web Design Trends to Watch Out In 2017 For Your Business Website

It is greatly said that “Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” And I agree on this completely! Despite the fact, for years now we have grown up hearing the most common phrase, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but the actuality is that we still do. We decide almost everything with its visual appearance, and the case is nothing surprising with websites.

We suppose the standard of any business by its online appearance and functionality i.e. the website. Nowadays, for the customers, a website is highly preferred for the first interaction with any business.

Isn’t it interesting that something which was so rarely used — a business website today influences the entire development strategy of your business? So, to stay advanced with the latest and popular trends, let’s take a glance at the web designs which have taken over the Internet market currently.

Content is still the king!

We spent much of time for adding things to our business websites such as calls to action, social media buttons, headers, sidebars, banner ads, sidebar ads, comments, Popups, signup boxes, etc. All of these things have ceased up disarraying your websites and taking up more and more commerciality, taking the focus away from the most significant element of a web page — the content.

In 2017, websites are expected to drive back to basics and putting more weight on content. Getting after the core of any site — the content — will be trustily moving forward.

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The end of flat design

The trend of flat web design has come to saturation as everything in the design is seems to look the same, and the essence of design — the creativity and personal taste is somewhere lost. When you shred everything away, you have what every other website owner have. Everything is entirely similar.

From my view, flat design has turned from a modern update of the design concept of which make items depicted mirror their real-world equivalents design to a set of design artistic taste that all practices. This concept has influenced sites to start to look the same, which not much distinguishes them from one another. Web Designers feel that the creativity is a thing of past now, and with the passion for creating something excellent, I see flat design dying for the maximum part of layouts and designs that are more creative and novel.

Symmetrical shapes, lines, and patterns

It appears as, just like the prevalence of geometric shapes, lines, and patterns in the late part of 2016, I anticipate this is going to continue through 2017. There are several ways in which geometric shapes have earned their place on the websites. Whether it’s the application of circle for image border, the images which are geometrically dense, or the entire design of the site that is entirely based on the effectiveness of symmetrical patterns.

Possibly there are an endless number of ways through which you can blend geometric patterns, lines, and shapes into your website, and this is one of the ways in which designers take the flat design to an advanced level.

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2017 is sure to witness some excellent websites, and these design trends will most positively be seen as one of the greatest website designs.

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