5 Ways to Secure Your Magento Ecommerce Website

Magento is an amazing ecommerce platform which is used by a number of brands like Ford, Lenovo, Samsung, and Nike, etc. The popularity of this outstanding CMS is increasing day by day. As Magento websites consist of the personal and sensitive data of customers, it has become the favorite target for hackers. When you are in ecommerce business, it is your utmost priority to protect your customer’s information as it is directly connected with your reputation.

It is opted by numerous people while developing an online store, as it offers a variety of features that other platforms lack. Business owners love it as it comes with many features like SEO Friendliness, great community, modular architecture, Web service API, Security and Internationalization support. This leading ecommerce portal is stuffed with some inbuilt robust features which keep your online shopping site safe. In order to make your Magento website more secure, you can consider various tips and ways. This write-up compiles some ways which can help you ensure the safety of your Magento website from various hackers, some of them are mentioned below:

1. Update the version of Magento: With every new release, Magento improves its features and fixes the bugs. Therefore, you should update your Magento eCommerce website to the newest version as it works with enhanced functionalities and security. You can hire dedicated Magento developer to update the version of your existing magento website in proper way.

2. Opt for Strong Username and Password: Primary targets for the hackers in a website are its Username and password. So, choose a strong username and password with minimum ten characters. It should include both upper and lower letters along with some special characters. One more thing to memorise is that don’t use and typical sequence of numbers like 1234, date of birth or name as they are easily accessible.

3. Different Passwords for Different Accounts: One common mistake made by many entrepreneurs is that they keep same passwords for various accounts, just to remember them easily. It is important that we don’t keep same passwords for your different accounts. It is the biggest source for hackers to hack your ecommerce website.

4. Change your passwords frequently: Even if the hackers have hacked your previous password, changing it on a regular basis will make the past one inoperative.

5. Perform Regular backups and security checkups: The ecommerce website owner must keep a regular backup to increase the security of hs website. Applying an effective backup plan will make sure that, even when someone hacks your website the services will not get interrupted. In order to keep the website more secure, the business owners must frequently perform a security check up and analysis of their Magento website.

Magento is one of the favorite choices of e-commerce website owners, as it is considered as a highly secured eCommerce development platform. Moreover, using the above-given tips including regular backups, security checkups, frequent passwords changes will make your Magento eCommerce Websites from outside attackers and threats.

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