Changing over Utilities While Moving To the New House

Baynes Rebecca
Nov 25, 2016 · 3 min read
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Deactivating utility services at previous home and activating ones in the new home sounds pretty simple, but the complications involved in this process can sometimes frustrate even the most organized people. The utmost requirement here is to ensure that neither you get the utilities shut down prematurely nor you delay the start of moving process while waiting for the utility services to comes and turn the switch off.

Make sure that activation and deactivation of services are synchronized with your moving process. To get the utility services for the new home activated right on time, call the utility service providers in that area beforehand. Ask them for a scheduled activation. Here, you will have to ensure your presence in your new home at the time of service members’ arrival.

While calling for disconnection of services, especially electricity, at the home you are about to leave, make sure that it is being done right at the time when you are done with the final phase of moving at this place. You wouldn’t want the vital services to be shut down while you are dealing with the packaging supplies; neither would you like to wait for the services to arrive late after you have completed everything. Call for the service disconnection a few days ahead of moving day and coordinate with the service members to ensure their arrival right at the time of your choice.

Keep information about all of your accounts in easy access. The paperwork that deals with utility services is all you need to get these services installed in your new home. While it may be too easy to pack everything in a hurry, it will only make you getting stuck at your new home when a utility service provider asks you to provide your account number for a particular service. Although, it may be a little time consuming for you to prepare a separate packing for utility service accounts’ paperwork, it will make finding the desired paperwork at your new home easier.

Clear all overdue fees. While calling for the disconnection of services before leaving the home, make sure that there aren’t any payable overdue fees left. If there are any, get them paid immediately. You will not be able to get the utility services installed in your new home if you are still due to pay for the balance left in your billing history.

Provide information about the updates address. If you have got confirmed permanent address before moving to the new home, give information about that address to the utility companies beforehand. It would be beneficial especially when you are yet to receive important documents associated with the utility companies.

Check if the utility services at your new home are activated. It’s a good practice to go to the new home before moving and get the utility services installed. While you are back for the packing, you will have to ensure after some time that the utility services you requested for are fully activated at the new place.

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