Giving Up or Just Not Giving a ***k?

There’s a point where you’re wearing no label green-on-green, without having had a shower in two days or so, standing in the scrub-tree shade outside your car because the air conditioning is tits-up and you got to the carpool line 30 minutes early, which means you’re parked facing the wrong way and the sun is blasting into the driver’s side. You’re eating store-brand fruit cocktail straight from the can, with a Diet Dr. Pepper slowly warming up in the cavernous back pocket of your 14-year-old work shorts. You’re catching the eyes of the other parents in their gas-guzzling McSUV’s and trying to decide if all indications are that you just completely given up, or if you just don’t give a shit anymore. And honestly, who could really tell the difference? Would your friends really know one way or the other?

And how the hell did you get here in the first place?

There seems to be a fine line between having given up and having just stopped caring about what other people think. Outwardly it’s tough to tell the difference, but internally it seems to be a pretty fine line inside your head.

What are the indicators you should watch for inside yourself to try and tell the difference? I’m not sure, and if I’m being really honest I’m not sure I want to know because I’m afraid of what it’s going to say about me.

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