45 days of Public Scholarship — 3 R’s

Dear ________,

Yesterday, I officially wrapped up 45 days of public scholarship. It has taken the form of writing, speaking, being, doing, connecting, envisioning and convening folks (Critical Pedagogy Summit, — -> [this wasn’t the first time I convened folks, I have been doing it all along in my program, at pretty much all the conferences I’ve presented at, there has been an engagement component, workshops, dialogues, critical conversations and Latina Tech where we gathered and shared and co-created in community].

— → Actually it was yesterday but I thought it was today — maybe because I needed more time to write, or maybe because woke up to a sick baby and stayed home with them, so I didn’t get the emails out that I wanted to send out. (On a side note: Teething is fun and she’s better now. Her older brother even took care of her in the evening so we could celebrate this important milestone.) Sometimes, we need just one more day and that is ok if we are following the 4 Toltec Agreements: Be impeccable with your word, Don’t take anything personally, Don’t make assumptions, Always do your best. ← — —

As part of the 3R’s — Respect, Responsibility and Reciprocity — I would love to catch up with you in 2018, if and when you have time, in order to understand your perspectives re: flows of information, and be able to share my understandings as well.

Hope you and your family have a wonderful break and that you are able to spend more time doing the things you are passionate about.

Heres a little excerpt of yesterday’s writing- this is the introduction to the 45 days:

This is a story about information. It is a story about the access and retrieval of information. The information flows, the ways of knowing that are embodied. It is a story about me. A story from a particular position, with a particular set of intersecting identities and it is a story about spanning boundaries and crossing borders. It is a story about classification of information and what constitutes as valid evidence. It is also a story about values. And our change in values over time. It is my story and it is the story of many. I am a woman of color in the academy and I approach my research from public scholarship perspective of information and communication technologies. In the ways of my practices, I edify myself and others and on bringing our understandings together. I study people and their personal relationships with technology with emphasis on how the social and technological systems operate in our daily lives. The orientation of my scholarship is towards information equity and educational equity.

It is story about community engaged scholarship and the ways in which teaching and learning in and with community flourish. And it is also about the limitations of public scholarship and what can happen when truth is spoken to power.

Research is Ceremony: Indigenous Research Methods Book by Shawn Wilson + Care is a feminist technology heart-shaped sticker.

I sent out over 15 individualized letters like this, before I decided to share with you. But I figured if it is public scholarship, then you should also know about it.

My name is Ivette Bayo Urban and I’m an educator, advocate, community engaged scholar, public scholar, public philosopher, strategic change agent, TedX speaker and soon to be PhD.

In 2018, I will graduate from the #2 ranked Library and Information Schools in the World according to US News and World Report. In fact, my school has been in the top 3 for all the years I have been watching and/or attending.

And yet, I never really understood what that meant. Since I have been a student, they have done some amazing things, I have been able to do some amazing things by being here.

And also I have experienced feeling, as if, I sometimes don’t belong.

But despite owning all of those identities (and more), I’m just me. A woman of color in academia, a mother, wife, a daughter, a student, a Cuban American born in the USA, a US citizen, able bodied, cis-gender, heteronormative woman, learning, navigating and creating spaces to co-create our understandings of complex social and technical systems. And doing so with a little help from my partner, family, friends (including the ones I have yet to meet), IIRG and FemTechNet.

Check out here what the iSchool, my school, says about some of the work I’ve done.