App Growth Framework II: ASO loop

AS I described in the previous post there are 3 key feedback loops and this post is dedicated to the first and, in my opinion, most sustainable: app store optimisation feedback loop.

ASO feedback loop

Let’s outline key factors affecting the visibility of app in the store and, hence, number of downloads from ASO (a key element in ASO feedback loop to make the whole loop work):

  1. Number of downloads (total and for last X days) — this is obvious, but the only problem — noone knows the value of X ☺
  2. Number of active users — this is my guess based on observing app rankings and downloads when we update the app. Make sure you update the app at least once in month. There is this great article on number of updates/average score correlation and it make a lot of sense.
  3. Number of reviews — the basic approach is to ask for review when user has tried out the app’s core value and find indicator that user is happy with the app. For example, we assume that if user contributes a frequent flyer tip in “App in the Air”, then s/he is happy with the app and we ask for review after that. Or after the user bought something in our app. I share some tips in this video
  4. Average score — I have already covered how we fight negative reviews. The only problem (but it is an opportunity as well) is that by default app score is displayed for the current version, so make sure you ask for review after updates.
  5. Number of “features” — app might be featured by Apple and this increases app visibility (e.g. we have “Editor’s Choice” in Russia). There are different review teams in different regions, so make sure you contact the someone from App Store of your region to share a word about your app. Lifehack: I often hear a questions “well, how do you contact App Store team?”, so there are 3 things you can do: a) LinkedIn Premium (just try searching “App Store at Apple” and you will be surprised how many people are there, send them InMail and you might get response); b) have you evern seen WWDC videos? Remember what Apple employees have on the last slide? Yep, sometimes they have their email there. And you can contact them on Engineer/Evangelist level and then probably they will share a word about your app; 3) attend WWDC and you will have myriads of opportunities to get in touch with Apple employees. But please remember: you should have a great product to be featured! Contacting Apple employee means nothing if you don’t have a great product. Believe me!
  6. App title, keywords and volume of searches with such keywords — there are lots of articles online that cover this, check out this keynote, for example.

As you can see from the system diagram below key leverages are number of active users & average score. I’ll cover these in details in my next post.

Let me know if you want me to cover something in more detail.

P.S. This checklist might be helpful to improve your app store visibility.