Apple Watch: 1 reason to develop for wearables

Retention for Apple Watch users

Weekly retention for our users using Apple Watch is 1.5x higher than average. Simple, but really powerful reason to start developing for wearables. My guess is there are 3 reasons explaining this:

  1. Our app is primarily about notifications and smartwatch is really good at displaying those
  2. Glance is definitely something helpful: you can set App in the Air glance as primary when you travel; it reminds me of old Nokia phones with different modes.
  3. Since early adopters of Apple Watch definitely like to demonstrate the apps they have on brand new device this may increase retention. I think we will know if this is a case in a couple of weeks.

Of course this drives download since apps with Apple Watch support have higher visibility in App Store:

“Apps for Apple Watch” category in App Store
“Offers Apple Watch” tag in App Store
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