(Exception to this: That guy who demanded the SF City Government solve homelessness because it was starting to inconvenience him and his fellow, deserving, “wealthy working people.” That dude fully deserves your scorn.)
A self-righteous open letter to people who write self-righteous open letters to people who write…
Eric Meyerson

I think your caveat weakens your argument when in one breath to ask people to “cool their jets and appreciate that their is context to what they are saying”, but in another breath say “well, not this person.”

Not that I’m defending Justin Keller, because I agree what he said deserved the scorn it received (and honestly I feel that way with Talia’s post too for different reasons), but even though you strongly disagree with him, there is something legit in what he is saying as well as with Talia: in his case, SF isn’t doing enough to help its homeless and mentally ill population, in her case the rent is too damn high, the wages too damn low, and tech companies are largely to fault for this.

As with all these “self-righteous” and, frankly, condescending open letters of late, I think everyone needs to chill out and stop acting superior, IMHO.

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