Top Tips for Airport Transfers — Taxis versus Limousine Hire

So, you want to get to or from the airport and aren’t sure whether to take a taxi or hire a limousine or people-mover vehicle for your airport transfer?

There’s no obvious one definitive answer because there are a lot of variables to take into account. Even so, here are a few top tips for deciding which way to go.

1. Don’t put things off until the day itself. If you do, you’ll perhaps have little or no option other than a taxi or to take public transport. That might be fine but it might not — as you’ll see below.

2. Taxis can be fine but remember that their luggage space might be limited. If there are several of you travelling, you may find that the typical taxi will struggle to get your group plus all of their luggage aboard.

3. Luxury limousine hire for airport transfers may have a BIG plus point in that you’ll be able to select from a wide range of vehicles including say 7-seat vehicles or even small coaches. Luggage space is unlikely to be an issue — though be sensible and let people know if you’re planning to take or bring something outsize with you.

4. It’s difficult to say for certain but typically a taxi ride might be cheaper overall than hiring a limousine. On the other hand, that difference can be eroded due to the fact that taxi costs can rise fast if there are multiple passengers, large amounts of luggage and the need to be flexible in terms of other collections and drop-offs on the way.

5. Airport transfers by limo will typically give you more flexibility if you’re inbound. For example, the chauffeur will typically monitor your flight arrival times and simply make sure they’re there when you arrive — even if your flight is delayed. Good luck trying to get a taxi to do that for you!

6. If you’re lucky, you can walk out of Arrivals and find a long line of taxis waiting for you. That’ll probably also be the day you win the lottery! More typically you’ll stand for what seems like hours in queues at taxi ranks.

7. In terms of being outbound, in fairness, taxis in most urban centres are normally pretty reliable. The key word there is ‘normally’ though and a 99% turn-up rate won’t mean much to you if you’re the 1% who on a given day misses their flight because the taxi company ‘forgot’ your booking. It’s unheard of for professional luxury limousines to fail to arrive though to be sure, be certain you only select a bona-fide and highly experienced provider of luxury hire limos.

8. We’ve perhaps all had the experience of the taxi driver who seemingly has never set foot in the city they’re driving in before. Even in the days of Satnav, taxi drivers getting lost or taking ludicrous routes is still far from unknown. Most limo drivers will have been extensively vetted and tested beforehand on their local knowledge. If you’re in a hurry, that’s going to be important to you.

In conclusion, the above points might suggest that private airport transfers score highly when compared to taxis — and that’s probably correct. Even if such a service is a little more expensive, and that’s something which might be debateable, it’s perhaps still worth it.

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