How Can I Prevent Pest Infestation In My Commercial Kitchen Area?

Pests generally invade in search of good food and shelter. And a commercial kitchen area provides the same to them quite easily.

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As a restaurant owner, your first responsibility is to maintain a clean and hygienic kitchen area. Commercial kitchen is one of the most favourite hangout spots for pests it provides them with ample of food as well as a comfortable shelter. These little critters can cause malignant diseases to human beings by contaminating food and water. Thus in order to maintain a good reputation of your restaurant, as well as good health of your customers, it is mandatory to keep the cooking space free from pests. There are numerous tips that can be followed to shoo away the pests from your area.

Before proceeding with the pest prevention procedures, it’s important to know about the different types of critters that love invading commercial kitchen areas the most –


They are always in search of warm areas where they can get a cosy shelter for hiding and multiple sources of good food. As such, commercial kitchen areas prove to be most ideal places for them, because here they can get both a comfortable space to hide and a wide variety of food items to taste.


Kitchen is also a perfect place for cockroaches to reside and breed, as they get to live warm temperatures that they need, in addition to enjoying some quality food. They love hiding in the cracks and holes present on the walls, ceiling, etc of a commercial cooking space..


Rats are always in need of water as well as a varied food source. They can reach anywhere at any point of time wherever there is a good amount of food available.


They are attracted more towards sticky and sweet food items. And they always manage to find the food source and a suitable hiding spot in the kitchen.

Now have a look at the top tips to prevent the infestation of these critters in your commercial kitchen space –

1) Keep all the trash boxes and dustbins fully covered. Make sure to empty and clear them on a regular basis.

2) Store each and every food item in a tighly sealed container box at a proper temperature. Don’t ever leave the containers on on the countertop.

3) Keep the doors as well as the windows closed. Ensure to seal the cracks and holes with a quality caulking agent or some other sealant.

4) Hire professional pest control in Melbourne for periodic inspections.

Thus, by following all the aforementioned simple procedures, maintain a pest free environment in your restaurant.

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