How Dangerous Are Cockroaches For Your Health?

Cockroaches contaminate food, bite humans, invade body parts, cause food poisoning, allergies, asthma attach and several diseases after infesting a house. It is essential to get rid of them.

With their existence dated back to prehistoric era, about seventy million years before, cockroaches are considered to be the only creatures who would survive even a nuclear explosion. There isn’t a single home in the world that hasn’t been shared with cockroaches. In fact, there may be many people who are facing these menacing creatures on a regular basis in their lives. These creatures are really dangerous for our health and thus it is essential to get rid of them.

Cockroaches contaminate food

Cockroaches eat almost anything. They eat the food that we eat, feed on dead animals, plants, faecal matter, soap, glue, leather, paper, and also strands of fallen hair. Being nocturnal creatures, they usually crawl around the house at night and contaminate open food by defecating on it. We know that cockroaches have contaminated the food when we find their hair, dead skin or deposition of empty egg shells in it.

They bite humans

There are some species of cockroaches that bite humans. They usually do this when there is heavy infestation in house. They nimble on toes, fingernails & soft parts of skin causing wounds.

They invade body parts

These creatures not only invade our home but even our body parts. You’ll find many cases where cockroaches have entered the nose and ear while a person was asleep. The small ones can even enter the body orifices when a person is in need sleep.

Food poisoning is caused by cockroaches

In a widespread occurrence of food poisoning, it was found that the prevalence of new cases dropped suddenly after elimination of cockroach infestation. The insect is basically a home for Salmonella bacterium, which may cause food poisoning and typhoid.

Cockroaches can cause allergies and diseases

Several diseases like urinary tract infections, sepsis and digestive problems are caused by cockroaches. Cockroaches can even cause allergies. The saliva they secrete and the several body parts that they have contain a number of allergens, which usually triggers undesirable reactions such as skin rashes, watery eyes and sneezing.

Asthma attack may increase with cockroach infestation in house

Cockroaches are worst enemies of asthmatic people. Asthma attack increases when a house is infested with these creatures. Cockroach allergens may cause many complications and can also be life-threatening. People who aren’t asthmatic can develop asthma by inhaling allergens of cockroach.

Tips to keep your house cockroach-free

Given below are some tips from experts dealing with cockroach pest control in Melbourne. Follow them in order to keep your house cockroach-free.

  • Keep your house clean if you want to keep these ugly creatures at bay.
  • Clean the food preparation area and areas like sink needs everyday before going to sleep.
  • Empty the dustbin everyday in your kitchen and keep it covered. Garbage is an open invitation to cockroaches.
  • Never leave your food open at night. Store all food items in tightly sealed containers. Clean the refrigerator once in a week.

Don’t stack old newspapers, magazines and books.

Block all the entry points from where you think cockroaches are entering your home. Seal the tiny cracks & holes that are present in walls to prevent them from coming into home.

So, now that you’ve known how dangerous cockroaches are as pests, make sure to keep your house free from them by following the above-mentioned tips.