Stephanie -

Good luck with that. I currently live in a rural county outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Pat Toomey is one of our Senators. Katie McGinty worked her hardest to flip that seat — but the haters won. The people here voted for Trump and turned my state red. I and my 10 year old granddaughter wore T-shirts with “A woman’s place is in the White House” and on the back: “Emily’s List” Two men made “nice” comments. My 8 year old grandson wore a “Future President” shirt. I said to both of them that this was an historic moment and my grandchildren needed to be part of it. One smiled and one gave us a thumbs-up. Pretty much ALL the women near us in line did not look at us and one woman directly behind us speaking to her friend said: “I know people that said they were told they could not go in to vote if they wore candidates’ accessories.”

We waited in line for 1–1/2 hours. Our voting place was selected to be shown on CNN. We wondered why they would pick our little Township. CNN showed the long lines that were there all day long. I voted with absolutely no problem. No one inside the municipal building said anything to me about our shirts. Had I been a non-white, or an apparent Muslim by dress, I wonder if the outcome would have been different. Most of my voting friends and relatives are Republicans — I “discuss/argue” when I can, but mostly I keep my mouth shut when in their company — which unfortunately I visit and they visit less and less. Instead I respond to articles online like this.

Haters gonna hate. We can/have run progressive candidates, but what needs to be changed is the minds of the voters. These people are mini Trumps. He was voted in in my opinion because he said exactly what these people believe. Climate Change is a big fat lie. They are racist, they are haters of non-Christians, they are haters of immigrants and refugees. They hate that the coal mining, fracking, oil jobs are going away and Hillary represented everything they hate: women who want positions of power, liberals that want to take away their jobs, liberals that want to spend their hard-earned money on programs for non-whites. These are their issues. Trump was their perfect candidate to spew forth all of their hate. It was a perfect storm.

Actually, I have a friend that ran for Supervisor of our Township last year. He is an independent, but ran for a Democratic spot (he lost). He changed to Republican this year to vote in the Primary to vote AGAINST D.T. Obviously that didn’t make a difference here.

We have to change their minds — not just run progressive candidates that won’t get voted in. This is what the Democrats missed.

Also, I despise the word liberal. I am not a liberal. I am an Egalitarian and the Republicans are not conservatives. They are Ultra-ists in their beliefs. Change the language — change minds.

Thank you for your response. Sorry for being so long-winded. I will keep trying to change minds in my little world. At least my son, his wife and my grandchildren are with me on this.

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