The Trump-Obama Narrative War
Austin Frank

I’m an unabashed egalitarian that is a registered Democrat. Some commentators below think that you wrote an UNBIASED piece of journalism. You did not.

“Carefully worded” does not mean lies, as you seem to infer. It means a thoughtful and correct narrative, rather than one filled with “alternative facts” and hyperbole tweeted out in the wee hours of the day. You are trying to justify Trump’s actions as though they are based on actual facts, while comparing to Obama’s actions which actually are to the degree they can be discussed publicly. Your feelings for Obama and Trump are quite evident to me.

The Democratic side is asking you to believe in an international conspiracy between Trump and Vladimir Putin to steal the election, and the Republican side is asking you to believe there’s an internal government conspiracy afoot by Obama operatives, directed by Obama himself, to destroy Donald Trump by a campaign of leaks, lies and slander. It comes down to which side you’re predisposed believe.” Why not believe the facts — not “sides”? If there are no facts presented, then an investigation is important to determine the facts.

Trump’s denials and smoke factory have you and many others fooled. Trump actually spoke out during the campaign inviting Russia to tamper with our election — I guess you have selective memory. He has alternately called Putin a friend, a great leader, has spoken many times with him, knows him well, and then said that he doesn’t know him at all. Which is it? He refuses to release his tax records that would show to what degree he has business dealings with other countries. That is a great part of what worries those of us that can see through DT’s smoke and mirrors show. And, because his “alternative facts” comments are documented publicly, they are easy to research and regurgitate.

It’s not a debate over healthcare or terrorism or trade where we debate ideas and proposals.” This sentence is particularly comic. Republicans have REFUSED to have constructive debates over real issues and policies for decades. The Republicans are currently HIDING their “ideas and proposals” for their NEW healthcare policy. There has been NO debate.

But back to DT’s circus: Being the domestic intelligence and security service of the U.S., the FBI is SUPPOSED to investigate people’s actions that may harm the functioning of our government — and in my opinion, DT and his henchmen are trying to do just that. Your article makes it appear that Trump is right to protest. He is not. I would venture to say that EVERY president has been secretly investigated — and should be. We the citizens must know that our President is “not a crook” to quote one who was caught. It’s ongoing. It never ends. Only a GUILTY President would protest . . .

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