The Free Market Doesn’t Care If You Live or Die
Paul Constant

Thank you for a really good, in my opinion, article. I always hope beyond hope that articles such as yours will enlighten and change attitudes and opinions because they appear to me to state the realities so eloquently. But alas, my experience with family and ‘friends’ and acquaintances is that there is no ability for enlightenment in a closed mind.

Language, used correctly, is powerful. In that sense, I really disdain the broad stroke use of the word “liberal(s)” by everyone, most especially continued by the media, which has come to have a negative connotation. I prefer the use of “egalitarian(s)” instead. That draws a more correct explanation of what I believe in and vote for, and is more difficult to use as a nasty epithet hurled at people and groups doing more good for all than the “conservative” groups, which to me is also a misnomer.

The use of “conservative” (definition: averse to rapid change, moderate, avoiding extremes, tending to conserve, unprogressive, cautious, careful, prudent, temperate, middle-of-the-roader, just a few defs. per my Oxford Pocket Dictionary and Thesaurus) does not adequately describe the “conservative movement”. I do not see “conservatives’ “ actions or rhetoric as “moderate, avoiding extremes, cautious, careful, prudent, temperate, middle-of-the-roader”. If they once fit that mold (and not in my lifetime of many decades), they no longer do.

The “conservative” movement more clearly should be considered as the “ultra-ist” [NOT to be confused with altruist] movement. An ultra-ist refers to “favoring extreme views or measures especially in religion or politics, die-hard, rabid, fundamentalist, extremist, prejudiced, bigoted, hard-nosed), which seems to better describe Republican policies and rhetoric, that are more injurious than conservationist, to individual groups of people and to the broader U.S. economy. Maybe anyone reading this that agrees could start changing their language from liberal to egalitarian and conservative to extremist or ultra-ist. We as individuals and the media especially should start telling it like it really is. If you are marginalizing groups of people through your rhetoric and policies, and the Republican “conservatives” have been doing that for many, many decades, you have earned a new title: ultra-ist. There is enough for all — stop being so greedy, i.e. Mylan’s CEO, et al.

The Democratic party of the people has allowed itself to be derailed in its mission to move this country forward and was held hostage by the ultra-ists of this country. It’s time to take the ultra-ists to task for their obstructionism and move this country into a better future for all of us. Anyone feeling that the Republican nominee for President is not representative of your values, DON’T VOTE FOR HIM. Hitler was empowered because many people either agreed with his horrific ideas and policies or were apathetic because they thought they wouldn’t be hurt by them. Don’t be either. Pure and Simple.

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