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Thank you for your synopsis. Though I saw ads for this, I didn’t make it a priority and did not manage to see any episodes except for Episode 7 — it’s fast paced, smart, and the believable dialogue shows just how quickly “discussions” can escalate into misunderstandings and arguments.

Your harsh comment that “Woodley’s Jane (possibly the weakest link in the cast; she always seems more like her son’s babysitter than his mother)” bothers me. Madeline considers Jane a “young” mom and my knowing how she became the boy’s mother explains to me her possibly unprepared/unwilling parental role. She is very loving to her child.

Plenty of male critics dismissed Big Little Lies as a frivolous soap opera.” Well of course they did. A woman’s viewpoint even in loving relationships is never as solid as a man’s.

I am making the time to view this show from the beginning. Excellent show.

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