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The more I am subjected to Trump supporters’ nonsensical “reasoning” about why they supported Trump, the more I believe in mythical one-eyed monsters not being so mythical. Oh, but they are soooo for their constitutional right to carry arms, just not for “others” constitutional rights to peacefully protest or use our freedom of speech — which Trump lies about saying that we who protest are “paid” to do it.

Question for Patriots’ Chris Long — how much were you paid to NOT go to the White House for the photo op? Nothing? Yeh, I don’t get paid to protest Trump either. GUESS WHAT — IT’S OUR PATRIOTIC DUTY TO PROTEST A DANGEROUSLY INCOMPETENT, LYING, BULLY OF A PRESIDENT WHO DID NOT WIN THE POPULAR VOTE! That’s how a Democracy works!

Sorry Trump supporters, there are actually many white males and white females who think Trump was not, is not and will never be competent to be the President of our great country. He proves us right-er every day with his criminal antics — like playing nice with Putin and asking him to interfere with our election. Those of us with a working brain will continue to protest his actions (encouraged by the likes of Steve Bannon) which are intended to demolish our Democracy in order to turn it into an autocracy for white nationalists.

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