When your “economic anxiety” is actually human apathy
Christopher Kennedy

You are exactly right. Trump exemplified the worst in human nature. His horrific behavior and egregious name calling and lies about all of his opponents, and especially Hillary, were music to the ears of mean, hateful people. One cannot have voted for Trump without accepting and condoning those facts. The Republicans will do as they want now, with or without his “Presidential” okay. They intended only to repeal ACA, in order to give the tax benefits to the wealthy. And they did that in the middle of the night on Thursday. While Trump was saying it will be repealed and replaced in one day, the Republicans rushed only to repeal it — they’ll now show HIM who really is the boss, just like they showed Obama . . . to the detriment of the entire country. When mean hateful people are allowed to govern, this is what happens. We better be prepared to fight everyday for our rights.