3 Reasons a Pro-Life, White Guy Joined the Women’s March
John Osburn

You have expressed your opinion very clearly. Your article clarified some things for me from another perspective. However, you are, I believe, in the minority for a pro-life person.

My observation: the sole purpose of this pretend pro-life (which of course as you also point out is more than just anti-abortion, but that part is shoved to a dark corner), anti-abortion religious movement is to inject a specific religion into our government — a government that was formed specifically to deny designation to any one religion. They want to change government from ‘of the people, by the people and for the people’ into a THEOCRACY which of course white males will run so they have complete authority over women and “others”.

Certain Christian zealot factions push their religious beliefs front and center at the expense of other belief systems using women as their pawns, with white men especially pushing to keep women “in their place”, as they do in many other ways also, such as low pay, discriminatory hiring and firing practices, cutting of healthcare benefits, cutting of childcare benefits, ad infinitum.

Bottom line to Christian pretenders: if you don’t like abortion, don’t have one. You would never allow me to go to your doctor’s office and make a decision regarding your body for you. Don’t ever think I will allow you to make a decision about my body.

What you are missing is that you are opening a Pandora’s box of insults that may include your government deciding you will not be allowed to get treatments for your bodily issues in the future. Something you can’t fathom right now in your self-righteous desire to control others.

If you are truly pro-life, then you are far too busy fighting FOR gun control, FOR human rights of ALL kinds both national and international, fighting FOR healthcare for ALL — no exceptions, fighting FOR scientific and medical research, fighting FOR CLIMATE CHANGE ACTION AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTIONS to save the life and health of ALL LIFE on this planet, fighting FOR renewable energy sourcing, and fighting AGAINST all wars and military actions by pressing for NEGOTIATIONS — NOT more bombing.

But again, there are very few anti-abortionists who are really pro-life, they are just pro-government control of women’s choices for their bodies and bodily functions.

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