Hold your PoSToken to earn additional Token

Bitcoin’s success in pursuing a career from scratch up to now is above the sky, making people interested in the world of cryptocurrency compete to cultivate new innovations. Generally, newly emerging digital currencies, on average, are accompanied by some features that Bitcoin might not have before. Currently, Bitcoin uses the PoW (Proof of Work) algorithm which means, where people who want to get Bitcoin, they must mining or work. Someone who sends and receives their Bitcoin (transaction) will be charged a fee, which will be in the form of codes that must be solved by the miner. The more sophisticated the tools used by miners, the faster the process of completion of 1 block or code. That way, miner earnings will also be more. In other words, good equipment will add more miner revenue.


PoSToken is not the same as Bitcoin. PoSToken is a token based on Ethereum ERC20 with PoS (Proof of Stake) algorithm. Proof Of Stake is a condition in which a person can generate additional tokens simply by holding their tokens in a period. At the very least, the user must keep the PoS Token within three days or more in order to earn extra tokens. So the system is almost the same as Deposit at the Bank, where users will get additional money when the person is saving money in the Bank in a period. For distribution itself, PoS Token can be obtained by airdrop and joining some of bounty campaign that are listed on website. If you are interested you can visit https://airdrop.postoken.org/

Token Specifications

Name : PosToken
Cotract Address : 0xee609fe292128cad03b786dbb9bc2634ccdbe7fc
Symbo l: POS
Decimal : 18
Standart : ERC20 & PosTokenStandart
Platform : Ethereum
Maximum Supply : 10,000,000 POS
Initial Supply : 1,000,000 POS

Distribution is below

Airdrop 800,000 POS
Bounty 50,000 POS
Marketing 50,000 POS
Development 100,000 POS

Minimum Age of Coins: 3 days
Maximum Age of Coins: 90 days
Annual Interest PoS
1. Year: 100% interest, After a total supply of 2 million coins
2. Years: 50% interest, After a total supply of 3.5 million coins
3. Years — 15 Years: 10% interest, After a total supply of 10 million coins

When PoS Token reaches 10,000,000 POS that has been issued, then no POS will be created. Because the maximum total is only 10,000,000 POS.


Q3 2017: Preparation of PoSToken Services
Q3 2017: Multi PoS Wallet Token
Q4 2017: PoS Token Block Explorer
Q1 2018: PoS Token Exchange is decentralized
Q2 2018: Mining Pool for PoSToken

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