First and foremost, I’m sorry to hear about what you went through.
Trent Lapinski

Mr Cherlin, with all do respect I direct you to this line “ by taking votes from the Democrat, may very well have thrown the election to the Republican candidate. Again.”

The democrats cannot have votes taken from them, you do not deserve votes by dint of being a democrat or even for opposing Trump, each individual has their own vote that is theirs and theirs only and who they give them to is their choice, the Hillary Campaign failed to motivate voters, failed to convince undecideds, and could not untangle itself from the fact it was a campaign for the broken and corrupt Status Quo.

And before we get into the meaningless “She one the popular vote by less than a percent” It’s irrelevant, there is no democratic system in the world that uses popular vote to decide on the nations leader. Canada votes for MP’s in a system patterned off the British system “First past the post”. No one in favor of a fair system would ever endorse a solely popular vote system, that just means that the areas with the highest populations chose the leader in a system called “Tyranny of the Masses”

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