Bay Wheels San Francisco Ebike Pricing Update

Bay Wheels
Feb 21 · 3 min read

With the return of ebikes in the Bay Area, we’re excited to see more rides than ever before — together, we recently completed the 5 millionth Bay Wheels trip!

As we previewed in December, today we’re sharing details on new ebike pricing going into effect March 2. Because ebikes need charged batteries and can be parked at stations or public bike racks, they cost more to operate than classic bikes. We worked with the SFMTA and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) to make sure our pricing ensures that the system remains accessible for everyone, takes into account the ways people ride, and encourages parking behavior that helps ensure bikes are available when and where riders need them.

Classic bike prices for riders remain unchanged, free up to 45 minutes for members and $2 to unlock for non-members.

Pay as you ride on ebikes

Anyone with a Bay Wheels membership will have access to discounted ebike prices. Annual and monthly members who choose an ebike will pay $0.15 per minute, and non-members will pay $0.20 per minute to help cover the additional costs of batteries and charging. Members continue to get free unlocks in addition to discounted per-minute rates for ebike rides. Non-members pay $2 to unlock plus the non-member per-minute rate.

Riders won’t pay per minute if an ebike is the only option at a station. Charges are capped at $2 per ride for trips that start or end in the neighborhoods shown in the map below.

Free parking at docks, when a station is full, or when parking in an area with no stations

It’s a better experience for everyone when ebikes are parked at docking stations, away from sidewalks and in a predictable spot for the next rider. You can dock ebikes at any station for free — and we’re adding more docks across San Francisco.

Parking an ebike at a bike rack, not docked at a station, will now cost $2 for all riders. We’ll waive this if the bike is parked near a station with no empty docks, or locked to a bike rack in part of the service area without stations. You’ll see a notification in the app when in a free parking area, too. Remember, ebikes should never be locked to themselves or parked anywhere else besides stations or bike racks. We share the SFMTA’s priority of keeping sidewalks clear and available to all, and if riders lock bikes improperly we’ll explore implementing additional enforcement.

Reduced per-minute pricing for Bike Share for All members

We also offer reduced-cost memberships through Bike Share for All. Eligible riders will continue to pay $5 for the first year and then $5 per month, which covers unlimited Classic bike rides up to 60 minutes.

Bike Share for All members will have access to the most affordable ebike rides — $0.05 per minute, capped at $1 per ride — and we’ll also waive the per-minute charge when ebikes are the only option at a station. Parking rates and guidelines outlined above are the same for Bike Share for All members.

New programs coming this year will offer additional discounts on ebike rides, including for those who help ride ebikes to areas where they’re most needed. We’re also exploring suggestions from our members on ways to offer ebikes without per-minute rates, and plan to trial new options in the summer. We’re committed to continually building a sustainable bikeshare system in the Bay Area to serve our riders’ transportation needs.

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